Despite Negative Reviews, 'Trump Vs. Biden' Renewed For Second Season
Politics · Jan 22, 2024 ·

U.S. — Though its first season was branded a massive disappointment by viewers and critics alike, Trump Vs. Biden has shockingly been renewed for a second season.

The announcement of the new season, set for continuous broadcast between now and November, is already being met with skepticism and dissatisfaction from fans who were hoping for a full-scale reboot of the series with an entirely new cast and direction.

"We're confident this second season will be a hit," said the show's producer, Rob North. "We know the first one didn't go over that well with the public and it left a bad taste that has lingered in everyone's mouths for over three years now, but we still have confidence that this season is a can't-miss. Who doesn't want to see a rehash of the same storyline with the lead characters now at the ages of 81 and 77? This time around it's going to be a huge hit."

Members of the viewing audience did not express the same level of excitement. "Again? Really?" asked concerned citizen Cliff Martin. "These are the only two guys we could nominate in the entire country? We're forced to choose between the guy who hired Fauci and pushed everyone to receive the vaccine... and Joe Biden? Again? Nah. Hard pass from me."

At publishing time, the producers of Trump Vs. Biden were reportedly involved in last-minute discussions to salvage the new season by adding Chris Pratt to the cast.

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