Dems Rush To Defend Kavanaugh After He Puts On Joe Biden Mask
Politics · Apr 17, 2020 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Democrats are scrambling to defend Brett Kavanaugh against his accusers after he put on a Joe Biden mask Friday morning. 

"We believe you are a great man of upstanding moral character, and we do not believe your accusers," said Alyssa Milano to Justice Kavanaugh hiding behind the Biden mask. "It's disgusting that people would try to capitalize on this political moment to drag your name through the mud, Mr. Biden."

"It is a disgrace -- a disgrace I say! -- that people are trying to discredit this great man!" shouted Senator Cory Booker, stabbing one finger in the air. "I will not stand for it! I am Joe Biden -- you are Joe Biden. We are all Joe Biden! I! AM! SPARTACUS!"

Nancy Pelosi quickly said, "I'm with him" and called those who would impugn his character "anti-American."

Kavanaugh then removed the mask and thanked them for their support, and they instantly shifted to attacking him and supporting his accusers 100%.

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