David Platt Goes For Nice Morning Run Through Seventeen Closed Countries
Celebs ยท Apr 6, 2017

WORLD - According to sources close to author, speaker, and missionary David Platt, the popular evangelical figure went for a nice, light run across seventeen countries that persecute or restrict the religious activity of Christians Thursday morning, before getting a jump on his workload at the International Mission Board.

Numerous sources reported spotting Platt dashing through North Korea and China, then across countries like Bangladesh, India, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, handing out gospel literature and encouraging locals to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus as he jogged by.

"Nice light workout today!" he posted on Twitter during a brief water break shortly after sprinting across the border between Iran and Pakistan, before appending the hashtags #radical, #run, and #bodilytrainingisofsomevalue and including a picture he had asked a citizen to snap of him while he was in Pyongyang.

At publishing time, sources confirmed Platt had converted over three thousand locals to the Lord during his three-hour warm-up run.


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