Daredevil Asks If Everyone Likes His Bright Red Outfit
Entertainment · Oct 7, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

HELL'S KITCHEN — The dark alleys of Hell's Kitchen were as sketchy and dangerous as any other night, but this time the atmosphere felt more...awkward, as Daredevil kept asking everyone if they liked his bright red outfit.

"Hey punk, I know I just knocked your teeth out with these stick things, but I gotta ask," said the Man Without Fear as he held a hoodlum aloft over the edge of a tall building. "Do you like my new bright red outfit? My tailor worked on it all weekend! Do you love how bright and red and scary it is?"

Burglars and gangsters alike tried their best to tell Daredevil that they loved the ugly gold suit and that it really had them shaking in their boots due to how "beautifully red and intimidating" it was, as they did not want their noses broken even more.

Conversations turned tricky when Daredevil met up with Karen Page and Foggy Nelson, asking them if they thought his tailor did a great job making his outfit bright, blood red just as he'd requested. The two of them ended up taking long, slow drinks from their water bottles, which he thought was weird.

At publishing time, the streets of Hell's Kitchen were a lot safer due to bad guys turning themselves in to authorities rather than having to deal with Daredevil asking about his outfit.

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