Boomer Mom Asks If Son Can Download Her Some Music From That Nice 'Ye' Fellow
Entertainment · Oct 8, 2022 ·

FORT WAYNE, IN — Having heard about his boldness in standing up for the pro-life cause, local boomer Susan Levitt asked for help today downloading some music from that nice "Ye" fellow.

"I just was so impressed with that kind young man," said Mrs. Levitt as she handed her iPhone to her son. "Now do you call him 'Yee' or 'Yay'? Well anyhow, it is so wonderful to hear about good role models in the, um - you know, 'rap' community. I really want to support him and his music, can you download 'Gold Digger' on to my iPod thingy?"

Boomers across the nation have reportedly flocked to Ye's music after his recent public demonstrations in support of traditional values. "Our United Methodist Women's club is one hundred percent Team Yeezy," said Ellen Conner. "We're hoping to go to one of his little shows next year if we can get the money together, and enough of us aren't in the hospital!"

Sources say that Ye has been very touched by the sudden outpouring of support from the boomer generation. "It really is special, I've gotten to sign seven oxygen tanks just this week," said Ye. "I even had one woman get 'Ye' branded into her artificial hip before they implanted it. Very moving."

Sources report Mrs. Levitt was seen doing the "Twist" while yelling "Woot woot!" as she jammed out to her new Ye tunes.

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