Daily Wire Hits Back Against Woke Feminine Products With 'Jeremy's Tampons'
Sponsored · Mar 30, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

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NASHVILLE, TN - Daily Wire has struck back at another woke industry, this time introducing a competitor to progressive feminine hygiene product companies like Always and Tampax with the new, anti-woke conservative Jeremy's Tampons.

The conservative news, movie, and razor company made the big announcement today, spending millions of dollars on commercials and billboards all across the U.S.

"For just a $99.99 startup fee and an ongoing $79.99 surcharge, you can stick it to woke Tampax with our conservative-friendly tampons," said Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing flanked by several topless models in a 7-minute commercial that reportedly cost the company $7 million to film. He then took a bazooka and blew up a giant pyramid made of Tampax boxes. "Don't give your money to woke corporations - buy products that get made in the exact same factories from us for way more money to really stick it to the progressives."

"You might say fighting against woke corporations is in our blood."

Boreing ended the commercial by getting in a rental Ferarri and driving over an effigy of the chairman of Procter & Gamble while firing an AR-15 into the air.

Jeremy's Tampons will begin shipping in late 2024.

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