Dad Who Remembers 'Caddyshack' Being A Family-Friendly Movie In For A Surprise
Entertainment · Jun 12, 2024 ·

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Local dad David Henley made a critical error this week when he put on the ‘80s comedy Caddyshack without having watched it in over 20 years, remembering it as completely appropriate for his young children.

"Y'all are going to love it, I remember being a huge fan back when I was a kid," said Henley as the family settled onto the couch. "Just a classic family flick about a golf course."

Henley laughed through the first few minutes, though he winced at a few of the curse words. "Sorry babe, I didn't remember that," said Henley, shooting a glance to his wife. "Gosh, that girl's skirt is cut awful short. Wait, Rodney Dangerfield is in this? Huh, this could get awkwar -- OH MY GOSH SHUT IT OFF! CLOSE YOUR EYES KIDS!! AAHHHH!!"

Popcorn reportedly flew everywhere as Henley and his wife dove to shield their children and reach the remote. "I'm so sorry! I had no idea!" shouted Henley. "I just remember really liking it as a teen and now I have some serious questions to ask my mom and dad about their judgment."

As of publishing time, Henley suggested they put on The Naked Gun, a film he hasn't seen in ages but assured his wife was absolutely G-rated.

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