Dad Prepares Custom First Aid Kit That Consists Entirely Of Cards That Say 'Walk It Off'
Family · Jul 5, 2021 ·

HOT SPRINGS, AR - Local dad Kevin Baker was preparing a fun day of hiking with his family when his wife reminded him to put together the first aid kit. Kevin quickly put together the best first aid kit for all situations, one that simply had cards in it that said 'walk it off.'

It wasn't long into the hike that Kevin's first aid kit needed to be utilized as his youngest son Trevor quickly cut his leg on a sharp stick.

"Ouch kiddo, that looks like a pretty bad cut," said a not-so-compassionate Kevin to his profusely bleeding son. He then pulled one of the cards out of the first aid kit and told him to 'walk it off,' and they proceeded on the hike. 

After a couple more miles into the trek, the family's teenage daughter Betty Sue suddenly slipped and tumbled down a hillside, banging over a couple of rocks on the way down. Kevin and his wife Cindy quickly rushed to her side to find her grasping what looked to be a broken arm.  

"Oh my, let's see what the ole' first aid kit has for this situation," said a relatively calm Kevin. "All right, here ya go honey, just walk it off and it should be better in no time!" Betty Sue took the card and continued crying hysterically due to the intense pain she was experiencing. 

Cindy quickly yelled at her husband to do more for their daughter. "Fine," said an exasperated Kevin. He then proceeded to pull out the emergency 'rub some dirt on it' card he had been saving for an actual emergency.

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