Columbus Statue Replaced With Statue Of Elizabeth Warren

COLUMBUS, OH—Last year, the city of Columbus removed their Christopher Columbus statue from in front of City Hall. Today on Indigenous Peoples' Day, the mayor announced to the press that the statue will be replaced by one of Native American folk hero Elizabeth Warren. 

"For years, Chief Warren has been a source of strength and inspiration to the native peoples of the Midwest," said the Mayor. "We honor them today with this 15-foot bronze likeness of the noble Cherokee warrior and tribal elder. She has been fighting for Democrat policies in Washington for many years, which have always worked so well for Native Americans."

Warren attended the unveiling ceremony, where she passed the peace pipe with City Council and then treated them all to a delicious casserole from her native cookbook Pow Wow Chow.  

The 20-foot-tall Columbus statue has been shipped to Mar-a-Lago for display on Trump's golf course.

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