CNN Criticizes President Trump For Not Taking Full Responsibility For World War II
Politics · Oct 25, 2018 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a special report Thursday, CNN's Jim Acosta took President Trump to task for failing to take any responsibility for causing World War II.

The president was criticized for not acknowledging that his rhetoric may have contributed to the conflict that spilled out across the globe in the late 1930s. While some historians acknowledge that there may have been other factors - like the Treaty of Versailles, the expansionist Japanese Empire, and a certain German fascist - a large swathe of liberal scholarship has now pinned the war squarely on Donald Trump.

"The president is quick to talk about the Germans' part in instigating the war, yet he still refuses to take any responsibility for inciting the violence that led to World War II," said Acosta. "It is obvious to everyone who watches our channel 24/7 that President Trump is the cause of every woe mankind has ever suffered, from famine and disease to war and death. And yet he stubbornly refuses to acknowledge this."

Acosta then excused himself for his customary afternoon practice of speaking encouraging words to himself in the mirror.

At publishing time, both Snopes and Politifact had rated CNN's claim that President Trump was the main cause behind the conflict that killed tens of millions 100% true.


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