Claudine Gay Responds To Plagiarism Accusations By Giving Inspiring 'I Have A Dream' Speech
Education · Dec 12, 2023 ·

CAMBRIDGE, MA — As controversy continued to swirl at Harvard University after the school's board expressed unanimous support for its embattled leader, President Claudine Gay responded to the people calling for her removal by giving a rousing, original speech she wrote called "I Have A Dream."

"This is something I just wrote last night to inspire others," Gay said. "It is my hope that this speech, which I wrote entirely myself, will help other people stand up under unjust oppression, just as I have over the last week."

Gay then took a piece of paper from her pocket, unfolded it, and recited one of the most inspirational speeches anyone had ever heard. "I don't remember hearing someone speak with such conviction," said one member of the audience. "Actually…there does feel like there's something familiar about it, but wow, what a great speech!"

Harvard and its president have come under heavy fire following controversial statements made during a congressional hearing regarding antisemitism on college campuses along with allegations of plagiarism on the part of Gay. As part of her speech, Gay expressed a desire to move forward to a brighter future. "I have a dream!" she said, drawing impassioned gasps from the crowd.

At publishing time, school officials and journalists hailed the speech as a turning point in the tense situation. "This will truly bring about healing," said another attendee. "This was the type of speech you would expect to hear from a prominent social figure, standing on the steps of a national landmark or something. Amazing."

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