Church Tech Team Introduces Helpful Bouncing Sing-Along Ball
Church · Jun 6, 2018 ·

YAKIMA, WA - After hours of intense meetings intended to solve the problem of congregants belting out a song's lyrics either too soon or too late, the tech team at Innovate Church finally found a solution: a sing-along ball that bounces on the correct lyric at the appropriate time.

The digitally imposed ball will bounce on each word at the exact moment the worship leader sings it, allowing churchgoers to actually follow along. The feature runs on proprietary software that tracks the worship leader's words in real time, "even if he calls an audible and starts singing the bridge for a fourth run-through," according to Innovate technical representatives.

"One of our tech guys got the idea while watching the sing-along version of Frozen for the seventieth time with his daughter," head tech minister Brad Trzop said. "If you can follow along with Elsa singing 'Let it Go,' you can sing along with pretty much any song our worship band throws at ya." Trzop further stated that the new program is expected to reduce embarrassing outbursts of the entirely wrong verse by 82% over the next year of worship services.

The church stated that anyone who still isn't able to sing the song at the appropriate tempo will be asked to leave the congregation. "At that point, they're just being willfully disobedient to the Lord," the pastor said.

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