Sound Guy Vindicated At Last As Preacher Admits He Forgot To Turn His Mic On
Church · Mar 18, 2019 ·

RIDGELINE, CA - When Pastor Blake Middleton's voice failed to come through the house system at Maple Street Bible Church Sunday morning, every single member of the congregation turned to look at sound technician Johnny Bray, assuming it was his fault.

After a few brutal seconds fiddling with knobs and sliders, Bray looked up and motioned for Middleton to check his wireless pack to make sure it was actually on.

"Oh! Uh, whoops-a-daisy, looks like I forgot to flip the little switch doohickey up, heh. My bad," the pastor said in an unprecedented admission that not everything that went wrong in the service was the sound guy's fault.

"HA! I KNEW IT!"  Bray declared triumphantly, unable to contain himself. "I tell you every week not to forget to turn your mic on, and every week you give me that smug little look that says you know everything. Well, guess who's got the smug look now, pastor? Guess you'll be eating crow at the potluck this afternoon!"

A poll of congregants taken after the service, however, revealed that 92% still blamed the sound guy for the hiccup.

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