Church Security Catches Cheater Trying To Copy Sermon Notes
Church · Jun 5, 2017 ·

ADAMSVILLE, TX - According to witnesses at Victory Baptist Church, Harvey Acosta, a "no-good cheater," was caught red-handed attempting to lean over and copy the answers to the fill-in-the-blank questions on the sermon outline Sunday morning.

The man was seen craning his neck to try to get the answer to the first sermon point, which was "The Lord _______ His people," early on in the sermon, but was denied as his neighbor shielded her sermon outline from his prying eyes.

Later in the service, the man reportedly whispered to his wife, "Psst! Psst! Hey, honey, let me see your notes. What's your answer to number three?" However, his spouse refused to budge, and scooted away from him in the pew, so he wouldn't be tempted to cheat any off her notes any further.

Church security was finally forced to intervene near the end of the pastor's message, confiscating Acosta's sermon notes and giving him a score of "0" on the sheet.

"We have a zero tolerance policy with this kind of stuff," head of security Frank Elbert told reporters after the service. "Your first offense is a no-credit, and after that it's suspension and possibly expulsion."


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