Christian Developer Releases Cutting Edge New Game For Nintendo 64
Entertainment · Dec 23, 2017 ·

LOS ANGELES, CA - Christian video game developer Wordworkz just released an exciting, visually impressive, cutting-edge new game for the Nintendo 64 platform: Faith Quest 64, which promises to be a compelling journey through a world rendered in full polygonal 3D.

The game tasks the player with collecting all seven fragments of the Bible, which was shattered and scattered across the land by the evil Dark Lord Garnon. Gathering up items like the Salvation Slingshot, the Bible Bow, and the legendary Master of Divinity Sword, the player will slowly gain access to new areas before they confront Garnon once and for all.

"At Wordworkz, we create immersive, cutting edge gaming experiences that both educate believers about the Bible and are enjoyable games in their own right," lead developer Brian Lenning said as he showed off part of one dungeon that was clearly ripped off from the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time but replaced all the rupees with collectible golden crosses. "Just because we're Christian video game developers doesn't mean we should put out products that are anything less than the very best games available for the Nintendo 64 platform."

Wordworkz claims the game pushes the limits of the console's hardware, with the game's graphics engine producing "hundreds" of polygons on screen at a time with minimal slowdown. Visual effects like a draw distance of over 20 in-game feet at a full 640×480 resolution - when paired with the console's Expansion Pak - are said to make the game one of the most realistic available on Nintendo's 1997 console.

A PlayStation port with exciting, advanced FMV cutscenes is also expected next year.

*Update: The game developers later clarified that they don't think of themselves as a "Christian video game company," but rather as a "video game company that just so happens to be Christian."

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