Cheer Goes Up From Crowd Of Liberals As COVID Death Counter Hits 200,000
Health · Sep 22, 2020 ·

NEW YORK, NY - A crowd of liberals gathered at a special event held in New York cheered loudly as the official COVID death counter hit 200,000 today.

They counted down the numbers, with wild cheering going up as soon as the counter hit 200,000.

"Woohoo! We did it -- we owned Trump!" shouted one progressive New Yorker at the event as the number ticked from 199,999 to 200,000. "More deaths! More deaths! More deaths!"

"We've been rooting for more deaths to make Trump look bad, so this is a great milestone for us," said one crying woman who flew in from Portland. "I didn't think this day would ever come, but it's finally here!"

Governor Cuomo also made an appearance at the event, giving an inspiring speech where he said he was humbled and honored to play such a large part in making the number so big.

The counter was then revised down to just 12,000 after it was changed to count only people who died solely from COVID, causing the mood to grow somber.


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