Carman Ethers TobyMac With Savage New Diss Track
Celebs · May 29, 2017 ·

U.S. - Reviving the long-standing feud between the two hip-hop artists that began as an argument over royalties from their 1993 hit collaboration "Addicted to Jesus," Carman blasted TobyMac Monday with a savage new diss track released on Sound Cloud called "TobyWac," sending the internet into a flurry.

The song takes TobyMac to task for his musical abilities:

My name is Carman, and I'm here to say
I'm the number one rapper of the modern day
Some of y'all thinkin' that it's TobyMac,
But y'all gotta see Toby's rhymes is wack!

See, Toby started rappin' when I was already king,
He can't keep a beat and he don't really sing,
The Mac was alright back on 'Jesus Freak,'
But since he went solo, fool's rap game is weak

But Carman didn't stop there, and even attacked the former DC Talk member for his sense of fashion:

Yo my man Tobes, I couldn't help but see,
Your hat's on sideways like it's still '03
I'm not tryna hate, these is just the facts:
Get yourself a blazer and a pair of nice slacks

While some have declared this beef over in favor of Carman - notable music critic Anthony Fantano declared "Mac may never recover" - sources from within TobyMac's camp have confirmed that he is preparing a response track entitled "Carman Who?"

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