Opinion: Can't We All Just Agree To Disagree And Then Deplatform Each Other?
Opinion · Nov 5, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

People like to think they can convince each other, but it doesn't always work out. Sometimes two people just never see eye to eye. So instead of just arguing the same points over and over again, let's do the civilized thing and just agree to disagree. And then let's work to get each other deplatformed so that we never have to see those contrary opinions again, and no one else does either.

We know we're always going to be opposed on this issue. So instead of wasting time arguing with each other pointlessly, let's take the more productive action of arguing with Twitter and Facebook over how the other side shouldn't even be allowed to express such a contrary view in a public forum. It's become clear we're only going to make each other angry if we continue to talk about this issue, so let's agree to stop the bickering and also agree to try to stop each other and anyone else from contradicting us on any popular site on the internet.

This is the mature way forward, certainly more mature than further shouting. We acknowledge the other person disagrees, and there is no need to try any further persuasion. And then we try to completely blot out the other's existence as best we can and remove all reminders anyone ever disagreed with us in the first place.

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