Can You Spot All The Signs Of Racism In This Ordinary Picture Of A Highway?
Worldviews ยท Nov 11, 2021

Racism is baked into the very asphalt of our highways, Pete Buttigieg tells us. And, like good American citizens, we believe everything an unelected bureaucrat tells us. So, we found a picture of an ordinary U.S. highway and started looking at it through our racism goggles. We found no fewer than 177 instances of racism!

Here's the pic:

And here's just the first few signs we found:

First of all, what is THIS?! A Nazi rune? They're not even hiding it anymore. Disgusting.

A WALL. Of course. Walls are racist.

All of these drivers likely have IDs. Everyone knows black people don't know how to get IDs. This is Jim Crow all over again.

Look at the license plate numbers 7773. 7x7-7+3 = 45...oh no! Trump!

Indigenous trees being colonized and displaced.

The road that's being trampled on continuously is what color? Black. Because of course it is.

Notice the white markings used to keep marginalized people in line. Shameful.

A really tall black man wouldn't be able to walk under this bridge. It was obviously built by racists.

Culturally appropriating the beautiful language of Mexico? Sounds about white.

Look at this picture. Do you see any free public transportation? Of course not. RACIST.

There's an actual picture of Hitler on this pillar!

Look closer...



So did we miss any racism? Let us know in the comments!

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