California Robber Agrees To Come Back In 10 Days When Victim's Gun Purchase Has Gone Through
Politics · Jan 3, 2020 ·

LOS ANGELES, CA - Robber Rob N. Steele was doing some honest robbing in East LA this morning when he broke into the home of Raymond Garfunkel. Steele made Garfunkel sit on a chair while he tied up the victim's hands, brandishing his firearm threateningly.

But things changed when Garfunkel told Steele that he was waiting for his 10-day waiting period on the purchase of a firearm to expire and couldn't defend himself. Garfunkel had heard about a recent string of break-ins and decided to buy the gun, but he had to take a safety test, competency test, pass a background check, and wait nearly two weeks for his gun and ammo to come in.

"Hey, man, if you can just come back in, like, 9 or 10 days, the waiting period will be over and it'll be an even match," Garfunkel pleaded. "It's only fair!"

Steele had never heard of the waiting period since he buys his guns from a guy named Cueball on the street corner. "Oh, wow. You have to wait ten whole days? That's terrible!"

"You know what? You're right -- it's not fair for me to do this when you have to wait 10 days to protect yourself. How about this -- I'll go rob some other peeps and hit you up later once your gun is in?"

The robber also agreed that when he comes back, he will wait for the man to go get his gun, unlock it, get the separately stored ammo, and load the firearm, "just so that it's a fair fight."

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