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Brie Larson Inspires Girls To Throw Off Patriarchal Shackles Of Having Sense Of Humor

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Oh snap! In a recent interview snippet with Brie Larson and Chris Hemsworth posted by ET yesterday, Brie showed white male Chris Hemsworth how a real woman takes a joke: by not laughing and getting immediately offended. 

The interview was part of the promotion of the highly anticipated upcoming film from Disney Marvel Studios "Avengers: Endgame." Hemsworth asked if she did her own stunts because she wanted to be the next Tom Cruise. Slow motion video reveals Larson mentally snapped at this exact moment and did exactly what a strong, independent woman does when a member of the patriarchy dares to compare her to another member of the patriarchy: She shows ol' Thor a ripe slice of empowered sass. 

"I'll be the next me, thank you very much," she clapped back while pointing at herself for emphasis—and also to clarify who the word "me" was referring to.

At this point in the interview, the camera moves away from Chris and the clip ends. Probably because Hemsworth just got HAMMERED and was most likely trying to put his blown-off head back together. I guess we're not in Asgard any more, son of Odin. 

Young women and little girls across the nation have been inspired by Larson's ability to shatter gender norms and break traditional barriers by finally standing up as a woman and not sitting back and simply taking jokes. Especially a joke from a seemingly nice guy who was by all accounts just trying to pay her a compliment—hello? Handmaid's Tale anyone? Women have been weighed down by the patriarchy's sense of humor for far too long. Women have taken so much. They don't have to take jokes anymore.

Unconfirmed sources reported that just after the video ended, Hemsworth apologized and said he was only kidding. Brie responded by tearing her own skull out of her head and beating Hemsworth senseless with it. NOW THAT'S GIRL POWER!

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