Bluey Review: An Excellent Show For Adults That Even Throws In A Few Little Jokes For The Kids To Enjoy Too
Entertainment · Jul 20, 2023 ·

Every hundred years or so, the world is blessed with a piece of art that propels civilization forward and enlightens a new generation, ensuring a better future for the human race. Bluey is that art.

Bluey is a mature, sophisticated show for adults that sometimes has jokes thrown in for the kids. The humor is pitch-perfect yet poignant, reminding parents of the many pitfalls and joys of child-rearing. The biting satire is still clean and inoffensive, so it's okay to have your kids in the room while you watch it, even if they won't always get the jokes.

In a recent episode, the titular Bluey visits a yard sale with her family and pretends to be a kind old granny. This is good clean fun for your kids, but the episode is really about Bluey's father, Bandit, who struggles with self-esteem as he watches his body fat jiggle in a mirror's reflection.

Haunting, but also relatable. Who hasn't watched their own jiggly fat in a mirror and suddenly been faced with 10 years of failure hanging off their midsection like a sad, half-deflated water balloon full of wet bread? Powerful stuff.

In all, children may find enjoyment in its colorful presentation and anthropomorphic Australian dogs, but they will never be able to appreciate Bluey the same way as the sophisticated adult audience for whom the show is intended.

(Five out of five stars)

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