McDonald's Employee Fired For Asking If Happy Meal Toy Is For Boy Or Girl
Worldviews · Feb 18, 2020 ·

BUENA PARK, CA - A "bigoted" McDonald's drive-thru worker has been fired after asking a customer if her Happy Meal was for a boy or a girl.

"Great, is that for a boy or a girl?" the employee asked after a customer ordered a cheeseburger Happy Meal, having waited 45 minutes to get to the speaker (there were three cars in front of her).

"EXCUSE ME --- DID YOU JUST REINFORCE THE HARMFUL GENDER BINARY!?!" the enraged customer shouted. "How DARE you! You'll be hearing from my lawyers!" After getting her toy, she sped off in a huff and immediately dialed her attorney to file a lawsuit.

The McDonald's franchise quickly apologized and fired the offending employee.

"We are sorry to have hurt you in this way. We did not mean to suggest that boys tend to like cars and girls tend to like Barbies, ponies, and horses and stuff. Or that boys and girls exist, or any other bigoted, anti-science thing like that."

At publishing time, sources had confirmed the customer's son, Avery, was upset as he got a dumb horse toy instead of a cool Hot Wheels car.


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