Biden: 'A Black Woman Will Become President Over My Dead Body'

WILMINGTON, DE—In a campaign speech today, presidential candidate Joe Biden, with running mate Kamala Harris at this side, debuted his hopeful new slogan. “I want to be absolutely clear,” Biden announced. “I’ll be dead in the cold, cold ground before a black woman becomes president!”

"I mean it: A black woman will become president over my dead body!"

Some thought maybe the statement was just another racist gaffe from Biden, but Dems applauded the statement, much to Biden's confusion.

The new slogan, which outlines how the U.S. would achieve the milestone of having a black woman as president if Biden was elected, received huge cheers, especially from Kamala Harris herself. “That’s right!” Biden continued shouting. “I’ll be in a coffin before we see someone like her become president!” He then pointed to Harris, who gave him a thumbs-up, eliciting more cheers.

“Not while I’m alive! Not while I’m alive!” Biden finished his speech before going into a coughing fit, which earned him a standing ovation. "Over my dead body! Over my dead body..."

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