'Biden Never Called For A Georgia Boycott,' Says Jen Psaki As Biden Stands Right Behind Her Holding 'Boycott Georgia' Sign
Politics · Apr 7, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. - After an uproar from Georgia small businesses over MLB boycotting their state, many are demanding answers from President Biden who allegedly encouraged the boycott. 

"Biden never called for a boycott of Georgia," said Psaki. As she spoke, she seemed unaware that the President was standing right behind her holding a large "Boycott Georgia" sign. 

"We believe that voting should be so easy that it's basically automatic," continued the Press Secretary. "We don't believe there should be literally any commitment or effort required to vote for your favorite Democrat candidate!"

"We believe that simple, automatic voting will be the best way to ensure we stay in power for 1000 years!" she said as Biden waved the sign back and forth. 

Psaki suddenly became aware of Biden's presence when he leaned in to sniff her hair. 

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