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Benny Hinn Loses Control Of Powers, Sends Audience Member Soaring Hundreds Of Feet Into Air

LONG BEACH, CA—Unable to fully control his rapidly increasing array of supernatural powers, faith healer and prosperity preacher Benny Hinn accidentally launched an audience member hundreds of feet into the air at a healing service Friday.

According to those who witnessed the harrowing event, Hinn was attempting to heal the man of his chronic back pain by laying his anointed hands upon him. But as the faith healer exploded into a hadouken-style blow of Holy Ghost healing, an otherworldly surge of power suddenly began coursing through his veins and overtook him, causing him to release a potentially lethal blast of anointing directly into the afflicted man’s torso.

Frightened witnesses claim the victim immediately rocketed through the roof of the venue, his trajectory coming to an apex at an estimated three hundred feet above the ground, before plummeting back down to earth, punching a second hole in the roof and slamming into the ground, dying instantly.

With surges of power blasting from his fingers in all directions, a sobbing, horrified Hinn reportedly cried out, “No! NOOOOOOOOO!” before running from the arena in hysterics.

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