Ben Shapiro Just ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED This Denny's Waitress With FACTS And LOGIC After She Rejected His Expired Coupon

LOS ANGELES, CA—Never try to argue with Ben Shapiro—this Denny's waitress learned that the hard way this morning!

Shapiro tried to order breakfast and use a 25% off certificate. But when the waitress informed him his coupon had expired 3 years ago, Shapiro fired right back with FACTS and LOGIC, SCHOOLING the woman on her "pathetic" lack of knowledge on California's expiration laws.

Shapiro rattled off literally THOUSANDS of obscure points, totally MELTING this SNOWFLAKE'S tiny little brain. He even used big words like "impetus" and "ideology," throwing her for a total loop. She could only stand there and hang her head in shame as Shapiro made her question her entire existence.

The sensitive little snowflake even ran off crying! LOL! Sorry, honey, but facts don't care about your feelings!

After her brain exploded, Shapiro continued his lecture on restaurants' systemic oppression of conservative males to several frightened patrons nearby, absolutely OWNING them with REASON and COLD, HARD TRUTH.

Way to go, Ben!

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