Ben & Jerry's Unveils New Antifa-Inspired Flavors
Worldviews · Aug 23, 2019 ·

SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT - Ben & Jerry's has long been known for the ice cream company's political activism, introducing flavors that support many progressive causes.

The company has done it again with its exciting new Antifa-inspired flavors, the sale of which benefits the anti-fascist organization that bravely stops fascism by force and silencing those they disagree with.

The new flavors include Vegan Coconut Milkshake with Real Concrete Mix, Blood of the People You Disagree With, and Antifa Protester B.O. All the flavors are made with real ingredients, whether that's blood harvested from people that Antifa threw a brick at or actual sweat from Antifa rioters.

"Delicious!" said one Antifa taste-tester in Portland before throwing his half-finished Vegan Coconut Concrete ice cream at a conservative reporter standing nearby. "It's great to know I'm supporting a wonderful cause like fighting Nazis with my ice cream purchases. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find undesirables and utilize violence against them."

At your local Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop, you can even get your Antifa ice cream customized with great new toppings like Molotov cocktail drizzle, real bread crumbs from a Soviet breadline, and bits of dog meat from Venezuela.

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