Baptist Family Settles In To Watch Classic Horror Film 'Footloose'
Christian Living · Oct 11, 2018 ·

HOUMA, LA - The Johnsons, a devout Baptist family, popped a bag of popcorn and settled in on the couch Wednesday evening to enjoy classic horror movie Footloose, sources from within the family confirmed.

The musical drama film has become a cult horror classic among Baptists since its release in 1984.

"We all jumped out of our skin when Kevin Bacon started doing that terrifying dance in the abandoned warehouse - so freaky." Mr. Johnson told reporters. "And I almost screamed when he started doing that weird, unholy shuffle. This film is definitely up there with other horror greats like The Exorcist, The Shining, and Dirty Dancing."

While the Johnsons enjoy watching the film together as a family, the family patriarch admitted that he is forced to cover his children's eyes at several parts, and is careful to send the kids to bed early before the final, climactic dance scene.

"We definitely don't want them having nightmares," he said.

At publishing time, Mr. Johnson had confirmed that the family never watches the remake, stating it relies too much on cheap dance scares rather than the moody build-up to the dance scenes that made the original horror film so terrifying.

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