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'Avengers 4' Revealed To Be Epic 'Left Behind' Crossover

BURBANK, CA—The teaser for the next Avengers film is here, and Christians couldn't be happier: the movie has been revealed to be a crossover with the Left Behind franchise.

The plot will follow the adventures of Cameron "Buck" Williams (Kirk Cameron) and the Tribulation Force as they navigate the fallout from Thanos rapturing half the population into glory.

"It was the obvious next step for the franchise," co-director Anthony Russo said in an interview with the Guardian. "Believers and non-believers alike will love seeing the rise of the antichrist in the chaos left behind by Thanos after his rapture of half the earth's population in the last film. Will Iron Man accept Christ, or will he take the mark of the beast?"

"You'll have to find out this April when Avengers: Left Behind hits theatres," he added coyly.

Thankfully, the writers are retconning the Nicolas Cage version and sticking with the canon version with Kirk Cameron for their screenplay, according to sources on the set.

Insiders also revealed that the film will conclude with a powerful altar call in which audience members are encouraged to come forward and accept Thanos as their Lord and Savior.

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