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Atheist Requiring Evidence To Believe Anything Knows For Certain Trump Colluded With Russia

CLIFTON, NJ—Local atheist man Michael Kent doesn't just take so-called "facts" at face value. A self-described skeptic, he demands evidence for every assertion in his unending quest for truth.

He also is absolutely certain Trump colluded with Russia, even though years of investigations have produced little direct evidence of the claim.

"You can't just make wild claims like that there's some magic guy in the sky somewhere," said the man who believes wild claims that Trump was involved in some kind of sinister Putin-funded plot to destroy America despite the lack of evidence revealed thus far. "It flies in the face of scientific inquiry to just believe stuff without evidence."

Kent said that people just blindly believing things is what's wrong with America. He called the "blind faith" exercised by millions of "religious sheeple" a plague on the nation.

Kent also demands that Trump be thrown in jail for collusion based on "pretty much no evidence."

"I don't believe in God---I am a man of science," he concluded before returning to his Twitter account to tweet under the hashtag "#Impeach45."

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