'Atheism Is The Only Logical Worldview,' Says Man Who Was Converted To Atheism By Memes
Internet · Apr 13, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

CHARLESTON, SC - Reddit user dawkins_disciple_666 posted a long, meandering rant online Thursday wherein he argued that atheism is the only mature, rational position one can hold regarding the existence of God.

The 34-year-old Redditor was converted to atheism by a series of memes on the internet, sources discovered Thursday.

"Unlike those brainwashed fundies, we atheists rely solely on logic, reason, and interspection [sic]," the man posted in Reddit's r/atheism subreddit - the same place where, several months prior, he had come to accept the atheistic worldview after viewing a disparaging 'philosoraptor' meme along with an anti-religion "condescending Wonka" image. "I don't get how anyone can commit intelectual [sic] suicide by saying they belief [sic] in some all-powerful magic fairy god out there up in the sky somewhere. Grow up!"

"Atheism truly is the only logical position," the post concluded.

At publishing time, the post had garnered over 35,000 upvotes on the popular website.


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