AOC Wakes Up And Spins Wheel Of Oppression To Determine What To Complain About Today

WASHINGTON, D.C.—On a recent Instagram livestream, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave her followers a glimpse into her morning routine. Before even getting out of bed she announced that it’s time to find out what she’s going to be upset about today.

“Let’s see -- what will I blame everybody's problems on this time?” she wondered aloud, turning towards her gigantic, homemade wheel. “I hope it’s Ted Cruz. That guy uses facts and logic and actually LIKES the Constitution!” She then grabbed ahold of the wheel and gave it a big spin. 

“Wheel of oppression, turn turn turn, tell us the outrage that within us should burn!” she chanted encouraging her followers to join in. “Oh wow!” exclaimed Cortez as the wheel came to a stop on ‘The Rich’, “I haven’t complained about them since yesterday. That’s a relief!”

The congresswoman then stressed to everyone that the wheel is always right. “Just when you think you couldn’t possibly whine about oppression or inequality anymore,” the young socialist said, “the wheel reminds you why you should still be outraged.” 

She then gave a tutorial on writing a viral tweet criticizing the rich. The chat pointed out that the words were all misspelled and her argument didn’t make any sense, but she explained she'll just use that to call her critics sexist. 

Ocasio-Cortez finally ended the video, saying, “And remember, no matter what the wheel lands on you can always tie it back to racism!”

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