AOC Demands To Know Where Alito Bought An Upside-Down U.S. Flag
Politics · May 23, 2024 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As controversy continued to swirl around Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded to know where Alito bought an upside-down U.S. flag.

After reports surfaced that an inverted American flag had been spotted flying over Alito's home, AOC issued a statement calling for the source of Alito's offensive flag so that the vendor could be reprimanded appropriately.

"Where does someone even get an upside-down American flag, anyway?" Ocasio-Cortez asked reporters. "Every store that sells flags should know how offensive an inverted U.S. flag is and should never manufacture or sell them to anyone. I think we all deserve to know where Justice Alito was able to purchase an upside-down American flag, don't you?"

AOC even went as far as to threaten legislative action to hold Alito accountable. "Don't even think I won't get to the bottom of this," she said. "Anyone who is selling inverted American flags should be publicly outed as un-American and a threat to democracy itself! As a Supreme Court judge, Justice Alito must be held to a higher standard. If there is some type of black market for upside-down U.S. flags, the American people deserve to know about it."

AOC expressed concern that more people would begin purchasing upside-down American flags if they were made easily attainable. "The next thing you know," she warned, "everyone will be able to have an inverted flag."

At publishing time, AOC was unable to be reached for further comment due to getting her head stuck between the spindles of the U.S. Capitol staircase banister.

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