America Collapses After Encountering Fatal Flaw: Counting
Politics · Nov 4, 2020 ·

U.S. - After a great 244-year run, America finally fell into ruin after encountering its fatal flaw: large numbers of votes that needed to be counted. Sources say America managed to hide its greatest weakness for centuries until the year 2020 when people suddenly realized numbers were really hard and everyone freaked out and fought over an election and then everything was over.

"America was a great country," said one historian. "We won a couple of world wars, survived a civil war, and brought freedom to millions around the world. Frankly, we're surprised we managed to hide our greatest weakness for so long. Yeah, numbers are hard. Oh well -- we had a good run!"

World leaders say that China is poised to take over as a world power, since according to President Xi, "China is really good at counting." 

President Joe Biden contested this claim, insisting that numbers are one of his greatest strengths. "I can count from 1 to Trunalimunumaprzure in my sleep, Jack," he said. 

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