After Four Months Of Showing The Wrong Time, Microwave Clock Miraculously Corrects Itself
Life · Mar 11, 2019 ·

COLUMBUS, OH - Every morning, Edith Wimple gets up and makes breakfast while listening to the news on the radio. And last Sunday during this routine, she noticed something amazing. Just as the news anchor said, "It's 7 am, and here are the top stories for this morning," Wimple glanced at her microwave and let out an audible gasp as she noticed the clock on the appliance also said 7:00. The surprise came because the Arizona transplant has been living with the wrong time displayed on her microwave for the last four months.

"It used to be right, then all of a sudden it changed and I couldn't figure out how to change it back," said Wimple of the miracle. "Then out of nowhere, it changed back! I couldn't believe it."

The widowed grandmother immediately called her son to tell her the good news.

Dan Wimple shared in his mother's joy and said, "That's great, mom. Call me back this fall if you notice any other changes."

Wimple also dialed her pastor to report the event and to remove the issue from the church's prayer chain. "I think this is really going to help her out," Pastor Ty Randall said of his parishioner's testimony. "Seeing such a clear and powerful answer to prayer like this will be a tremendous help in her walk of faith."

And that's exactly what happened. The experience of this miracle was enough to sustain Mrs. Wimple through the troubling discovery that all of the rest of the clocks in her house had mysteriously changed to the wrong time.

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