A Bad Sign? New National Security Adviser John Bolton Just Arrived To The White House Wearing A Full Set Of T-51 Power Armor

WASHINGTON, D.C.—This could be a bad omen: new “war hawk” National Security Adviser John Bolton just arrived early for his new job at the White House clad entirely in T-51 power armor, a survival and combat-ready suit that may signify he is getting ready for something big.

Bolton was seen putting the suit through its paces on the White House lawn, testing its 60,000-watt TX-28 MicroFusion Pack and test-firing a laser rifle on some unfortunate pigeons that happened to land nearby. He then entered the White House for a private meeting with Trump, still clad in the fallout survival gear. He was reportedly asked to take it off but declined, stating he could need its functionality “at any moment.”

Not good! Better batten down the hatches!