7 Ways Drag Shows Are Actually Good For Kids
Sponsored · Oct 31, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

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Many transphobic conservatives will refuse to send their sons and daughters to drag queen story hour just because they don't want a grown man in lingerie spending time with their kids. But did you know there are many benefits to drag shows?

We consulted Queer Studies experts and David French to bring you the 7 reasons drag shows are actually good for your kids.

  1. Nothing on Halloween will seem remotely scary anymore: Your kids will no longer run away and cry at that Jason costume after witnessing Priscilla Twerksalot in full makeup.
  2. They'll definitely believe in the doctrine of total depravity: It's never too early to teach them sound theology.
  3. It's an easy spot for cops to round up pedos: Obviously.
  4. They'll have plenty to talk about in therapy later: Wouldn't want their expensive therapy sessions to be boring!
  5. You can use it as a threat to keep them in line: "If you sass me one more time you're off to the drag show!"
  6. Being exposed to Monkeypox at a young age helps develop natural immunity: Gotta build up those antibodies.
  7. Since kids are little rebels, they'll end up rebelling against their insane groomer parents and becoming good, conservative traditionalists: Reverse psychology, baby!

Well, what are you waiting for? Take your kids to a drag show today, and then please turn yourself in to the local police at once.

NOT SATIRE: Children's entertainment is filled with woke agendas.

Is there anywhere that's still safe for our kids? Yes! PragerU Kids has the solution.

With reliable and age-appropriate kids shows, books, and magazines that teach traditional pro-American and family values – PragerU Kids offers content that parents can trust and children love.

Every day there is a silent war being waged on the minds of our children. From the media, to entertainment, to our schools.

Drag Queen Story Hour, hyper-sexualized books in children's libraries, and manipulative social influencers contribute to confusing children about their identities. It's time we said, "Enough is Enough."


We refuse to stay silent about this any longer. If you agree, we ask that you help us by signing the petition below to demand that children's entertainment and education stop sexualizing our children.

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Want proof that Jesus was a woke socialist? Look no further than these classic quotes straight from the Bible.

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