7 Easy Ways To Share The Gospel With Your Friends
Christian Living · Nov 15, 2016 · BabylonBee.com

Sharing Jesus is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

We consulted with dozens of the nation's top evangelists and asked them for their secrets to successfully spreading the gospel to friends and acquaintances who you're pretty sure don't know the Lord.

Then, for you, we distilled their advice down to these seven simple, tried-and-true methods of faithful soul-winning:

  1. Never mention it. This is a subtle tactic, but effective. One of the most impactful ways you can share Christ is to be sure never to talk about Him, no matter what. And if a non-believer brings up God or Jesus, be sure to change the subject or flail your arms about to scare him or her off so your evangelistic strategy isn't ruined.
  2. Use elaborate metaphors from current films and TV shows. Old-school evangelism was all about preaching Jesus from the Scriptures, but there's a reason that's considered outmoded now: it's lame and boring. Instead, find a gospel connection from a recent film like Dr. Strange or Tyler Perry's latest art film, and share Jesus as the "greater Batman" or whatever.
  3. Build relationships for 40 - 50 years before sharing Christ. Too often, Christians jump right into presenting the gospel before building meaningful relationships. So for the first four or five decades of your friendship with someone who desperately needs the gospel, just connect with the person, love on them, and also fervently pray that they don't die.
  4. Wear Christian T-shirts. A recent study showed that the majority of converts to Christianity were first exposed to God's amazing grace through "Lord's Gym" T-shirts. So replace your wardrobe with gaudy Christian T-shirts - especially ones that parody secular brands and logos. Now you're always talking about Jesus, even when you're not.
  5. Get a clever rapture bumper sticker, and put it on your friend's car. One of the fruits of salvation is putting a Christian fish or bumper sticker on your car. But the true faithful will go out and buy a box of bumper stickers that make a clever quip about the rapture, and put them on all the cars in their neighborhood. What a great witness for Jesus!
  6. Hide Chick tracts in their bathroom. If your neighbor invites you over to watch Monday Night Football, great. You've infiltrated their oikos. Now it's time to excuse yourself to the restroom and leave some of Jack Chick's most fiery tracts on top of their toilet, in their medicine cabinet, and under the sink. Next time they use the bathroom, they're sure to be scared straight into the Kingdom.
  7. Whisper "Jesus loves you" in their ear while they sleep. It's the time-honored message of American evangelicalism: Jesus loves you. But to get across the full effect of this powerful gospel truth, you need to slip into your friend's house in the middle of the night and whisper these words into his or her ear.

Well, there you have it. We are truly humbled and blessed to encourage you toward more faithful evangelism with these seven effective methods.

No excuses now - get out there and share Jesus!

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