50 Cent Appeals To New Trump Supporter Fanbase With Country Album

NASHVILLE, TN—After losing most of his fanbase due to his endorsement of Donald Trump for president, rapper 50 Cent has announced he will be moving to Nashville and releasing a country album to reach out to his new Trump-supporting fanbase.

The upcoming album, titled MAGA Or Die Tryin' is a touching love letter to Middle America and the forgotten people who live there. With new singles like "The Farming Life For Me," "Back Tha Blu," and "Banjo Cold Beer Lift-Kit Fishing Trip," 50 Cent hopes to win the hearts and minds of freedom-loving patriots across the country.

According to sources, the sound and style will be virtually indistinguishable from 50 Cent's usual music except there will be a banjo track in the background and he will wear a cowboy hat in his videos. 

50 Cent was originally going to take on a new, more patriotic name "50 States," but after seeing the low taxes in Tenessee, he has opted for the new name "70 Cent."

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