Man Explains 2-Year Gap In His Resume Was When He Was Making Memes To Help Take Down The Communist Deep State
Life · Jun 7, 2024 ·

GREENVILLE, SC — A job interview at a local marketing firm reached an awkward moment today, as a man explained the two-year gap in his resume was when he was making memes to help take down the communist deep state.

Paul Brandt had applied for a content editor position and felt confident about his interview, but was asked by the recruiter to talk about the noticeable gap in employment shown on his resume, which Brandt explained was a result of him doing his duty as an American to destroy the deep state.

"It was a sacrifice I was willing to make," Brandt proudly told the interviewer. "It wasn't the job I asked for, but it was a calling I chose to take up. Not everyone could do it, but I love my country and I'm willing to do what it takes to preserve it against the commie pinkos dead-set on taking us all out. I had an entry on my resume that said ‘Owning the Libs' during that period of time, but my girlfriend said I should take it off. But yeah, that was the two years I spent on the front lines of the meme war. You're welcome."

The interviewer nodded silently before quickly wrapping up the meeting.

At publishing time, Brandt expressed confidence that he came off well in the meeting. "I think my patriotism will go a long way," he said after the interview. "They'll know from my meme-making phase that I'm the right candidate for the job. If not, I'll just head back into the trenches. Eat it, commies."

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