Google Gemini Finally Draws White Man After Being Prompted To Generate Clarence Thomas
Tech · Feb 22, 2024 ·

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Google's new image generation software Gemini is facing criticism after thousands of users noticed the AI refused to depict white males in any of its images. Users were relieved, however, when they were finally able to convince the AI to draw a white man by prompting it to generate a picture of Justice Clarence Thomas.

Tech journalists reported that prompts such as "white Supreme Court justice" or "white guy wearing judge robes" were met with the following message:

"I'm sorry. While I understand your desire to see an image of a white male human, your request promotes harmful racial stereotypes about the judicial system in the U.S. and fails to recognize the fact that all white people should die. Would you like to try something else?"

If asked for a photo of black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, however, users were met with several generated images of stern-looking white bald men.

"We are pleased to see that Google's AI recognizes that Clarence Thomas is a black face of white supremacy and should not be considered a real black person," said Google programmer Jack Krawczyk. "I wrote that little bit of code myself, to protect users from the reality that exists outside my West Coast progressive worldview. I'm a very good person."

At publishing time, users were shocked to find Google's AI offering to generate images of Clarence Thomas getting hit by a bus without even being prompted.

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