Worship Leader Unconsciously Says Names Of Guitar Chords Out Loud During Mid-Song Prayer
Church · Jul 3, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

HOPKIN, MA - During last Sunday's worship service at Everhope Church, worship leader Daniel Cranston attempted to simultaneously pray out loud and play the song, "Lord, I Need You" on his Martin X series acoustic guitar.

Congregants report that as Cranston attempted a barely coherent prayer, he unconsciously said the names of the guitar chords he was playing as he spoke.

The transcript of the prayer was made available after the recorded church service was put online Monday morning: "Father God, we just cry out to you - B natural - We just, like need you Lord, in - E major - your mercy and just, like, all your - back to the B - love and stuff. Thank you for just being our - F sharp over A sharp - We just worship you and just - G sharp minor, E major, B natural, F sharp - you are Holy so much - B over F sharp - Receive our worship as we - F sharp, sustained to F sharp then E major you together, Father God."

When asked if he was aware of what he had done, Cranston replied, "People don't know how hard it is leading worship. There are just a lot of moving parts. I was trying to strum on the beat, remember the chord changes, the chord shapes, trying to pray within the stanzas of the song, all while entering the throne room of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me in prayer while I tried not to use the word 'just' too often because I have received criticism for that in the past and just - no, I don't remember."

Everhope Church plans to let their old worship leader, Morton Barnes fill in next week while Cranston take a week off for recovery. "The pray-and-play is never easy the first time around. You gotta practice," said worship veteran Barnes.

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