Worship Guitarist's Pedals Now Outnumber Chords In Repertoire 2 To 1

YAKIMA, WA—According to sources close to worship guitarist Ben “Whammy” Willard, the skilled worship guitarist now has twice as many pedals on his custom-made pedal board as chords in his repertoire.

“As soon as I bought my newest one, I realized I had hit the milestone of ten pedals,” the guitarist with an impressive five-chord repertoire told reporters. “It’s important to acquire lots of pedals so people know you’re serious about worshiping God.”

The pedal board allows Willard to carefully adjust various delays, EQ settings, filters, modulation effects, and distortion settings, to ensure the same five chords he plays every week have just the right tone.

At publishing time, Willard had ordered four more pedals and made a mental note to learn at least two new chords to keep the pedal-to-chord ratio in balance.

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