Wife Throws Away Incredibly Specific Adapter Cable You've Held On To For 7 Years Right Before You Suddenly Find A Use For It
Family · Oct 18, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - According to sources, your wife threw away an incredibly specific adapter cable you've been lovingly preserving for over 7 years, right before you found the perfect use for it. Sad! 

"Honey!" you called across the house. "Have you seen my USB 2.0 Type-B to USB 3.0 Type B-Micro adapter? I've been saving it in this box for such a time as this!" 

"I'm sorry, my dear husband," the ignorant wife replied, unaware she was about to utter the very words that would pierce you to your soul. "I threw that thing away just yesterday."

"Noooo!" you replied. "HOW COULD YOU? I found the PERFECT application for it!"

According to sources, you then went outside to dig through the garbage to find it, only to find that garbage day was this morning. 


You then had to go on Amazon to order a new one, only to find it would take 8 months to arrive due to supply chain congestion.


Kyle Mann was just minding his own business, when- BOOP! A wild Gender Fairy appeared!

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