Wife Keeps Wanting To Have Conversations With Her Husband But She Doesn’t Even Listen To His Podcast
Family · Jan 15, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

DETROIT, MI - Local couple Brad and Amber Tigwell are having trouble in their marriage. Amber wants her husband to have deep, meaningful conversations with her, but she doesn't even bother to listen to his podcast.

"Listen, I already covered all that in episode #31 of Raw Conversations With Brad," said Brad after his wife asked him how his week was and what his hopes and dreams were. "It was such a funny and heartfelt episode and you didn't even bother to listen to it! I just don't feel like rehashing it after I spent 3 hours talking into a mic and 13 hours editing it. My 12 listeners want to hear what I have to say; why don't you?" Brad said with a pout.

Amber insists she has been meaning to listen to it and just hasn't gotten around to it. She hasn't even listened to the episode where her husband interviews Poland's fourth greatest bodybuilder about the secret of his success. "That was such an awesome interview," said Brad, "especially that really witty thing I said at the 122-minute mark."

Amber has decided to communicate with her husband by starting her own podcast, called Real Talk With Amber. Brad promises to get around to listening to it eventually.


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