'Who Are You? Where Are My Pills?' Says Biden In Dynamic Speech Echoing All Of America's Concerns
Politics ยท Apr 29, 2021

WASHINGTON D.C. - "Who are you? Where are my pills?" These are powerful words from President Joe Biden's joint address to Congress that echoed the concern of many Americans.

When the speech first started, Biden spent a whole minute staring quietly at his audience, looking deep into the soul of America before then inquiring in increasingly agitated tones, "Who are you? Who are all you people? What's happening?"

"This is the question we're facing as we've been ravaged by a pandemic," said pundit Gerard Carson in response to the speech. "Who are we now as a people? That's what Biden was asking us."

Later in the speech, Biden shifted gears. "Where are my pills?" he demanded. "Someone took my pills." He then pointed an accusing finger at America itself. "Did you take my pills?"

"I think it's the question we're all asking," commented analyst Shelly Reeves. "Where is the cure to what ails us? And is it our own actions that are keeping us in this crisis? Biden really understands the problems we're facing."

While much of the speech was symbolic like that, the ending was much more straightforward with Biden shouting "Malarkey!" over and over before rushing into the audience to bite Chief Justice John Roberts.


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