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'Venezuela's Elections Are A Sham,' Says Nation That Had Choice Between Reality TV Star, Corrupt Politician

U.S.—According to multiple sources across the country, millions of Americans were criticizing Venezuela’s elections as “a joke,” “rigged,” or “a sham” Wednesday, despite the fact that they themselves had a binary choice between a crude reality TV star and a corrupt career politician.

The country forced to vote for either a repulsive politician with questionable integrity and a slimy, crass businessman was reportedly deeply critical of the “fake” and “illegitimate” election process in the South American country.

“It’s like the people there didn’t even have a real choice,” said one man in Michigan who was forced to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, or else vote for a person who didn’t stand a single chance of winning the election.  “It’s really sad when democracy just becomes a facade and the citizens’ votes no longer have any meaning.”

“I’m glad I live in America, where our vote counts,” he added proudly.

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