Universe Begins Collapsing In On Itself After Revelation Trump Was The One Telling The Truth All Along
Politics · Mar 26, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. - After the Mueller investigation revealed that Trump was the one telling the truth all along, a massive black hole began forming near the universe's center, scientists confirmed Tuesday.

"It seems the laws of time and space just began to fold in on themselves with the apparent paradox that Trump is the one telling the truth," a NASA researcher said in a statement. "We've known this was a possibility with big liars like a few of the previous presidents. But luckily they never told the truth, so our dimension was safe."

"But Trump had to go telling the truth and now he is threatening our very existence."

While the black hole will take a few thousand years to reach us and swallow our planet, the event will cause havoc well before that occurs. The black hole has already caused several "resonance cascade" scenarios, opening portals throughout our world through which aliens began to invade. 

"The laws of physics and science have been turned on their head---it's every man for himself out there," said one scientist at a New Mexico research facility before grabbing a crowbar to fight off the aliens from a different plane of existence.

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