Unity At Last: Klansman And Rich Liberal Activist Join In Celebration As Black Neighborhood Burns Down
U.S. · Jun 2, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - We finally have some healing and unity in our nation as a Klansman and a rich liberal activist were seen cheering together as a black neighborhood burned down.

Similar scenes played out across the country as looters and rioters destroyed many minority neighborhoods and both the KKK and rich, white, liberal activists joined arms to celebrate.

Powerful stuff.

The uniting of the two unlikely allies has even caused some confusion, as some liberals are being mistaken for KKK members and vice versa.

"This is what justice looks like!" tweeted a man as majority-black neighborhoods burned, though it was unclear if the man was a Ku Klux Klan member tweeting from a trailer park or an affluent liberal tweeting from a gated community thinking he was somehow helping minorities.

"You can't criticize this; you brought this on yourselves!" he also tweeted, either celebrating the misery of the black people who have seen their neighborhoods destroyed or for some reason thinking this destruction was a blow to racists who live hundreds of miles away.

The man then vowed to provide financial support to those responsible for the destruction, which really seemed like something a KKK member would do, though it is more likely that a rich liberal would have the money for such a thing.

Finally, people are coming together!

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